embrace your inner Vixen with the The Puddin chair made of faux red leather, with gold trim to represent your royalty to the dark side and to represent your powerful achievments as a Human the original structure was built in the 1950s the skeleton of the chair is 70 years old it represent strength power, passion and fire. ,  this statement piece is made with the Sensation of the relentles challenges you have overcome as a Human, and how it feels to to triumph over them.


  • Seat : 23 inches 

    Back : 41 inches 

    Width :25 inches 

    Depth: 30 inches 


    Genuin Hard Wood 

    Faux Red Leather 

    Sworovski Studs

    Edging White Stone Gold Trim Edging

  • All Chick Theez Chairz are one of  a kind and are concidered art pieces, you may return your chair if you dont like it with 30 days of delivery day, all chairs come with a 1 year Creator warrenty aditional warrenty can be purchased for  $75 for an extra 2 years. 

    If you do want to Return the chair you may but shipping and handeling charges are the responsability of the Recipient.

    You may return your chair with a store credit that can be used towards a interior or exterior paint job or another chair.


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