Chick With a Brush provides High-Quality interior and exterior painting with 20 years worth of experience we know a thing or two when it comes to color, light, color psychology, and general aesthetics. we put factors in about lighting, wear and tear, and color therapy to help you create a space that matches your individual style. 

perhaps you want your house to be more open and inviting, airy and spacious, peaceful, safe and secure, strong and passionate all of these factors have a vital say into what your painting experience is needed to provide.

with our 20 + years experience, e are confident we can provide you with guidance and satisfaction for your home or business .

inside and out. 

Chick Theeze Chairs are the embodiment of creativity, life experiences, with a modern twist on what is antiquity. Chick Theeze Chairs have been inspired by many different things some are personal experiences, some are historical some are inspired by Pop culture and media. 

It is a tribute to the humans who are survivors of domestic violence. The chair has been known for millennia as a symbol or royalty, diplomatics and vulnerability. At the end of the day,What is the first place a person goes to unwind and diffuse, our daily stresses and challenges? 

The chair

you go to your chair to sit, contemplate life and reflect on your life. maybe you have a favorite chair to do your makeup on, perhaps you have a favorite chair when you're being creative, perhaps you have a favorite chair to watch television in. or maybe you have a favorite chair that you nurse your baby in.

all in all the chair is a symbol of human status and personality.

part of the full service of painting and decorating is the tiny details of interior design, at Chick With a Brush we Support local and Canadian businesses such as The Brick, These Four Wals, and Academy florists. 

we team up with these companies to help enhance your overall painting and decorating experience with Chick With a Brush.

Because of our connections we are able to provide a high-quality interior design to help Make your entire Chick With a Brush Experience that much more gratifying and give you that wow factor you are looking for from beginning to the end. 

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