Chick Theeze Chairs

Chick Theeze Chairs was inspired by watching my grandfather work on furniture, I use to watch him in admiration of the work he did. He use to turn an idea into a work of art. i developed a passion for creating Furniture.

Chairs have been used for thousands of years and our chairs were inspired by many different things but the true reason behind the chairs was to provide an item of power for humans, chairs have been symbolic in many areas of the world such as royalty, power, and even death, chairs were designed for Egyptian royals when making appearances in their kingdoms and have been used as early as the Aztec times chairs are symbolic of royalty and nobility.

Everyone goes to their chair at the end of their day. Men sit in their loungers, women sit in their makeup chairs, mothers sit in their rockers and children sit in their reading chairs. Chairs nowadays are common and have lost their nobility we use them to sit at work, to sit at the bus stop, wait in the doctor's office. So deck out your space of power with a Chick Theeze Chairs, learn more at Chick Decor for our designing services.

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